Our Dulce de Leche

Argentinian culinary heritage and the finest Australian ingredients combine to create Doulsi’s premium Dulce de Leche –a luxurious, versatile milk jam, made the authentic way. 

Our Product

Doulsi Dulce de Leche is made to a traditional Argentinean recipe, using slow, careful cooking processes to create an exceptional, unforgettable treat.

Every jar of creamy milk jam is made with the finest natural ingredients and only 100% fresh Australian milk, and is preservative, colourant, and chemical-free.  The way it should be.

Our spread is naturally lower in calories than hazelnut spreads and is gluten free, so you can even afford to treat yourself to an extra spoonful too…


Doulsi Dulce de Leche’s uniquely deep, creamy flavour is perfect on toast, pancakes, pastries, fruits and even cheeses, or added to your home-baked cakes or cookies. But the possibilities are endless, so the only question is… how will you use yours?

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