Cupcakes – Dulce de Leche x Chocolate Ganache

An EASY recipe for one the best vanilla cupcakes you will have around. Perfectly soft, moist and delicious coupled with a Dulce de Leche and Chocolate ganache.
Yields12 Servings
Prep Time15 minsCook Time20 minsTotal Time35 mins


 210 g Self-raising Flour
 200 g Butter Room Temperature
 210 g Caster Sugar
 2 EggsRoom Temperature
 2 tbsp Vanilla Essence
 2 tbsp Full Cream Milk
Dulce de Leche x Chocolate Ganache
 120 g Chocolate Chips
 600 g Doulsi
 Electric Mixer



Place in a large bowl flour, butter, sugar, eggs, vanilla essence and milk and mix with an electric mixer until fully combined.


1 heaped tbps per cupcake case


Take to a preheated oven at 175 °C for 20 minutes until golden brown.


Let cool for a few minutes out of the oven. We can start preparing for the dulce de leche x chocolate ganache.


Over medium-high heat melt the chocolate part way (You should still be able to see some chocolate chips). Transfer to a bowl and we'll temper the chocolate. Gently mix with a spatula until it becomes shiny, silky and warm.


Don't add the dulce de leche to hot chocolate. Add in the dulce de leche, mixing at low speed to begin with and ramping to high to fully combine the two. The ganache should be soft at this stage.


Add to a piping bad with desired tip and pipe away!

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