Mini Cannoli – Oven Baked

While most of us are used to cannoli, with a nice crispy crunch and fried taste, we decided to make some slight changes and make a different kind of cannoli. These cannoli are very light and don’t hold a very hard crunch, instead its light and savoury, made in the oven and containing a nice hint of cheese in them! We now fill them delicately using Doulsi Dulce de Leche and enjoy the wonderful balance of savoury and sweet.
Yields1 Serving


 150 g Plain Flour
 100 g Unsalted ButterRoom Temperature - but not too soft
 3 tbsp Cream Cheese
 WaterA small amount
 1 tsp Salt
 Doulsi Dulce De Leche1 Jar is more than enough, they are quite small so use at your liberty.



Add all ingredients to a bowl (except dulce de leche) and work with hands to form a semi firm dough.


Stretch the dough to about 1mm in thickness - it shouldn't be translucent but it will be quite thin.


Use a round cookie cutter - we used a 7cm diameter round cutter but feel free to use any size you like.


Wrap the dough around a cannoli mold. Where the dough meets use some water and press gently to make sure it sticks together and doesn't fall apart while it cooks.


Place in a tray with baking paper. Make sure the folds are touching the base of the tray, in a sense they are upside down while cooking to prevent them from unfolding.


In pre-heated oven at 180 C cook for 20-25 minutes until they reach a golden colour.


When done, wait until they are warm but don't let them get cold to remove them from the molds.


Add icing sugar and fill with dulce de leche! DONE :)


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