No Bake Doulsi Cheesecake

This week we are bringing a very quick and simple recipe for everyone that loves cheesecakes. It is no bake and no hassle. Something that you can do last minute for any occasion or treat yourself to something delicious. Cheese and dulce de leche has always been a very wonderful combination, taking that creaminess to a whole new level that we love so much. A nice balance between savoury and sweet.
Yields1 Serving


 375 g Digest Biscuits
 75 g Unsalted ButterVery Soft
Cream Paste
 400 g Cream CheeseRoom Temperature
 600 g Doulsi Dulce De Leche
 1 tsp Vanilla Extract



You will require the following:

- Food Processor
- 24 x 3.5cm tin
- Electric Mixer


Blend the biscuits with the butter in the food processor until its granulated.


Place the biscuit mix into the tin. Gently press down using a spoon to flatten the mixture, evenly spread. You'll need to create the crown so make sure you also gently press the biscuit mix to the edges of the tin.


Move to the fridge for 20 to 30 minutes.


In a large bowl, add your cheese and beat with the electric mixer until its starting to become smooth and creamy. Add your vanilla while still beating the cheese.


Add the dulce de leche and mix with a spatula until fully incorporated.


Pour the mixture evenly onto the tin that has been sitting in the fridge.


Take the cheesecake back to the fridge for about 1 hour and it should be ready to serve. Always keep the cheesecake refrigerated if not serving.


You can decorate it how you like, we used pistachios around the edge.


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