One of our favourite recipes that truly doesn't require a lot of time and know how in the kitchen! We are making Ojaldradas with dulce de leche which is simply super delicious and good for any occasion. So if you are looking to make something that your partner will love for Valentine's Day this could be just what you are looking for. With the puff pastry slightly salty and crunchy exterior it simply pairs so well with our creamy and sweet dulce de leche that we can say with confidence you will end up eating it all in one sitting.
Yields1 Serving
Cook Time20 mins


 2 qts Puff Pastry - 2 Sheets (For 15 pieces)
 1 qt Doulsi Dulce De LecheAs much as you want really
 1 tbsp Icing Sugar



Stick 2 sheets of puff pastry together. They must still be relatively cold but not fully frozen. Pass a pin roller on top with light force, we don't want the pastry to deform just to simply stick together well. Do the same on both sides with the rolling pin.


Cut the pastry into your desired sizes, for us we cut it into pieces of about 5x8 cm giving us 15 pieces.


Place in baking tray, leaving a bit of room between each piece otherwise they will stick together and lastly stab with a fork 3-4 times.


In a pre-heated oven set to 210 C cook for 16-18 minutes until a nice golden top is reached and the pastry has risen.


While the pastry pieces are still warm slice across the middle and separate it into 2 parts.


Fill with our dulce de leche and cover!


You can sprinkle icing sugar on top to finish it off or simply eat them as they are!


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