About Doulsi

The Doulsi story.  How a childhood treat inspired us to bring the joy of authentic, artisanal Dulce de Leche back to Australia.

Portrait of Franco Biroccesi

Our Story

Our childhoods in Argentina planted the seed for what would become a lifelong romance –  A love for authentic, creamy Dulce de Leche.  From toast to pancakes, fruit to pastries, a spoon of Dulce de Leche was the ultimate in sweet, indulgent perfection.

The complex, sweet flavor.  The unique creamy texture.  Comfortingly nostalgic, yet decadently moreish.  Just the way good food should be.

And we brought that love with us to Australia.  A craving – not for the caramel spreads or condensed milk butterscotches that claimed that we found when we got here –  but for the real thing, made the traditional way. 

So we began to make it ourselves from our kitchen in the Adelaide Hills, combining recipes and methods handed down through the generations with the finest Australian ingredients.  No colours, no preservatives, and no shortcuts –just pure Dulce de Leche, as it was meant to be

Now we want to share that joy with you, with Doulsi Dulce de Leche, available to buy direct, or at one of our stockists. 

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