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SconesScones, there is something about them. They are surprisingly simple and very quick to make. A great afternoon snack to have with friends and family.
New York Style Doulsi CheesecakeWe are bringing you an exciting new recipe for a New York style Cheesecake full of Doulsi flavour. This stunning cheesecake tastes incredible, packed full of dulce de leche flavour with a creamy and smooth texture that melts away. This recipe is perfect to prepare in advance and store in your fridge to share with family and friends. Doulsi is there for all your sweet moments.
No Bake Doulsi CheesecakeThis week we are bringing a very quick and simple recipe for everyone that loves cheesecakes. It is no bake and no hassle. Something that you can do last minute for any occasion or treat yourself to something delicious. Cheese and dulce de leche has always been a very wonderful combination, taking that creaminess to a whole new level that we love so much. A nice balance between savoury and sweet.
Mini Cannoli – Oven BakedWhile most of us are used to cannoli, with a nice crispy crunch and fried taste, we decided to make some slight changes and make a different kind of cannoli. These cannoli are very light and don’t hold a very hard crunch, instead its light and savoury, made in the oven and containing a nice hint of cheese in them! We now fill them delicately using Doulsi Dulce de Leche and enjoy the wonderful balance of savoury and sweet.
OjaldradasOne of our favourite recipes that truly doesn't require a lot of time and know how in the kitchen! We are making Ojaldradas with dulce de leche which is simply super delicious and good for any occasion. So if you are looking to make something that your partner will love for Valentine's Day this could be just what you are looking for. With the puff pastry slightly salty and crunchy exterior it simply pairs so well with our creamy and sweet dulce de leche that we can say with confidence you will end up eating it all in one sitting.
Dulce De Leche Nectarine CakeWe are running with a new combination of dulce de leche and nectarines as they are now in season. How you choose to combine them is entirely up to you, from simply eating alone with dulce de leche or by making this delicious cake and drizzling dulce de leche all over it. This cake is fun to make and full of flavour with a soft and light interior. Great for those hot summer days!
Banoffee PieA new recipe out this week! Banoffee Pie, a classic dessert, very simple to make and delicious to eat. Who can resist such a combination! Dulce de Leche and banana is an irresistible duo, add in some crunch and you got yourself an unforgettable dessert! It is possible you might eat the whole pie in one go.
Dulce De Leche CheesecakeIt is the cheesecake you know and love but with the goodness of adding Doulsi Dulce de Leche. With the Dulce de Leche being scattered around the cheesecake, it helps balance the flavours. When you bite into the Dulce de Leche, the cheese flavour is mellow and smooth which helps break from the uniform cheese flavour. In the end you are left with a bit of both worlds, the great taste of cheese and the subtle taste of the Dulce de Leche.
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