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Banoffee PieFantastic new recipe for a Banoffee Pie, everything you to know on making the PERFECT Banoffee Pie from scratch. Provides a great, subtle crunch with the all-knowing great taste that is Doulsi Dulce de Leche and Banana.
Molten Dulce de Leche Lava CakeA classic among desserts is the lava cake, a dessert that doesn't require much of an introduction. So we decided to add the doulsi twist to it as we always do. A very simple recipe that is great for any occasion or to indulge alone.
PalmiersThis is a very quick way to make palmiers using puff pastry. They are a little different than the usual palmier and have a softer crunch which is quite nice. Pairing them with a little bit of dulce de leche and a slight touch of apricot jam gives it a well balanced taste of bitterness to sweetness. Takes just a couple of minutes to prepare and not long to cook in the oven, it makes them very accessible if you are running low in time.
Fudgy BronwnieBrownies, so many kinds of brownies out there but today is all about getting the perfect dulce de leche fudgy brownie. Soft, chocolaty, and irresistible to eat. A very quick recipe that will beat any store-bought mix.
Tiramisu Dulce de LecheThis week we bring you a simple Tiramisu recipe that requires no baking at all and no fiddling with eggs. It is a twist on a very classic dessert that we love very much. You will end up with beautiful and creamy Tiramisu that will be gone before you even know it.
Dulce De Leche Chocolate CheesecakeA wonderful Dulce de Leche and Chocolate cheesecake that is very quick to do and requires no baking at all! It will be a smooth and very creamy cheesecake that is not overly sweet.
Flan de Dulce De LecheThis week we are making Dulce de Leche Flan, a very iconic dish that I’m sure most of you will know and have tasted at some point. While Flan tends to have a reputation for being hard to do and get right, we want to assure you that its not all that complicated. With this recipe you’ll end up having a delicious Flan with great pairing of Dulce de Leche taste that resides at the bottom of the flan. We hope that you enjoy this recipe!
Thumbprint CookiesA classic recipe that we have adapted to incorporate Dulce de Leche to give it a different but amazing new taste. It is a very quick recipe to do with little prep time so if you are in a rush this recipe is great!
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