Fudgy Bronwnie

Brownies, so many kinds of brownies out there but today is all about getting the perfect dulce de leche fudgy brownie. Soft, chocolaty, and irresistible to eat. A very quick recipe that will beat any store-bought mix.
Yields1 Serving
Prep Time15 minsCook Time25 minsTotal Time40 mins


 210 g Brown Sugar
 70 g Caster SUgar
 3 Room Temperature Eggs
 30 g Cocoa Powder
 90 g Choc Chips
 200 g Unsalted Butter
 10 g Vanilla Extract



Start by first mixing 30g cocoa powder with 200g all purpose flour. The amount of cocoa can be hard to get right, our cocoa is quite strong so we opting to use a lower amount but if you think your cocoa is mild you can try adding another 10g.


The next step is to mix 210g of brown sugar with 70g of caster sugar, then add 200g of melted butter and 10g vanilla extract and mix until everything is combined.


Now this is the most important step, you need room temperature eggs and you need to work quickly and a bit aggressively. So one at a time whisk each egg with speed and intensity, it is definitely a little bit of an arm workout but its necessary. You should end up with a loose and flowy mixture.


I am using an 8x8 or 20by20 cm pan which I’ve buttered and floured lightly and we are pouring about half maybe a little more of the brownie mix into our pan and spreading it evenly across. Here we are going to add some doulsi gollops around and lightly mix, feel free to use more or less depending on what you like. Pour the rest of the brownie mix and then we are going to top it off with more dulce de leche. Roughly 200-250g of dulce de leche you'll use.


In a per-heated oven bake at 175C for 22 to 25 minutes or until a skewer comes out clean when you poke it.


Let it cool down a little before cutting. You can enjoy them with cream or ice cream or just by themselves!

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